ExpectoCon - A Wizards & Witches Weekend - Middleton, WI


Making Your Experience More Enjoyable at Conventions

Start out with a simple introduction to immersive conventions and learn about what you can do to enrich your experience and apply what you learn to other immersive conventions in the future. This will be an immersive primer that sets your mind to believe in a magical weekend.

Tasseomancy / Palmistry -The Art of Reading & Divination

Tasseomancy, as any wizard will know, is the art of reading tea leaves originating in the Middle East during the medieval period. This class teaches you how to predict the future and see into your destiny.

Alchemic Symbols / Reading Runes

Learn the symbols and reason behind all of those tricky spells. This quick course helps you decipher and understand exactly what you are brewing! We will then look at Runes, an ancient form of divination from Wizards from long ago. This class teaches you the ancient form and how modern magic can be affected by it.

Care and Understanding of Magical Creatures 101

Nessie, Big Foot, and of course, Hippogriffs: all are magical beasts, but where do they come from, and what do they do in our world? We find out in this fun, fast-paced class taught by Professor Skookums, an actual Sasquatch.

Structure & Design of Magical Creatures 201

How do Harpies fly? Why can mermaids lift 10 times their own weight? These and many more questions are answered in this informative class for those who want to know more about our magical world.

Dragonology 301 (Advanced Class)

Professor “Skookums” teaches this advanced class about one of our most revered beasts-- dragons! You will learn all about them, and then if luck permits, we will see an actual hatchling and meet the mother.

Spells & Charms 202

From simple incantations to more advanced theories, you will be taught several spells and how to brew them correctly. This class is for advanced wizard and witches.

Curse Enhancements and Protection

You may know some incantations but what happens when you run out of ideas? How do you stop the undead? What spell works with a ghost that doesn’t speak your language? Learn from the Headmaster himself.

Fairies and Forest Folk 101

They live in the forest by the thousands yet nobody ever sees them-- until now! Join us as we learn about these very little, sometimes pesky, dwellers of the hills, forests and glens of England.


A straight forward class of what they used to be, their history, and how they came to be in different countries and regions.

Fairies and Forest folk 202 “The VAESEN”

Spirits and monsters of the Scandinavian people are talked about and studied in this class of Northern sprites and beings.

Giants, Hobgoblins and Trolls

They can be big, and they can be trouble. But what makes them different and how are they used in the magical world? How do you train or at least get along with these creatures?


The heavens surround us, so why not learn about them? See how the stars and their signs can bring predictions to life and help us make sense of our own wizarding world.

Older Fans and Their Love of the Potters Series

You may not have read the books when you were 10, or even started watching the films until you hit 30. But how older fans fit into the world, and how they contribute to it is discussed in this panel!

Native American Magic

Ancient and powerful, learn the stories and the spells that the 1st nations used.

Quill Writing

The Quill is one of the most powerful tools in the study of magic. Learn how to use Quills and Pens to the best effect! The secrets of writing are revealed by Leviculus Scrivenor, Professor of Penmanship.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

The class will briefly introduce three topics: uses and defenses against a hand of glory, hexes and their deflection, and red caps. Each topic will be given 10 minutes plus a brief time for Q&A.

History of Dark Magic

This class will consist of a small historical lesson and the conjuring of two practitioners of the dark arts from history. We will introduce each figure, perform a conjuration to call them, and dismiss them.

Introduction to Tarot for Wizards and Witches

A basic class for beginners to learn about tarot and its real origins, and the largely mythological history of the tarot and its use in divination.

Wand Dueling

A practical guide for students in how to stand, hold your wand, and then make sure you win! An academic class for those who wish to be more skilled in this art.

New Agent Briefing: Esoteric Research and Weapon Design

As a new Esoteric Interdiction Agent, learn the weapons and methods available to fight and subdue the dangerous monsters that come through from other realms. At the end of this briefing, you will receive your Independent Esoteric Interdiction Agent License. This class will be led by a member of the Esoteric Research Division of the Office of Transhuman Affairs.


Have you ever wanted to learn real Magick? It's well within your grasp. Come learn the basics of charm making. Whether you need luck, protection, or courage, there's a charm for every purpose so pack up your cauldron, hop on your broom, and let's learn some Magick!

World Building

Wander the realms with urban fantasy author D. Lieber as she discusses her worlds and her process for creating them. Put on your hat and grab your walking stick, it's time for a journey!

Creating Your Magical Character (Friday Evening - Saturday Morning)

You are at ExpectoCon, an immersive and interactive event. Come and join us as we talk about how you can create your own character persona for the wizarding world. Choose your house, expand your background, know your wand, add to your cosplay, include cross-over fandoms… it’s fun to know your wizarding personality. Remember, in Wizarding fandom there is no wrong way to express your character!

The Magic of Crafting

Come and join a classroom discussion on crafting, knitting, chain-mailing, paper-craft, cosplay, and making your own items to celebrate your magical fandom! Tell us what you like to make and why. Feel free to bring your own examples to the classroom!

Role-Playing in the Wizarding World

Role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, or Doctor Who can be adapted for a Harry Potter-like setting with very little effort. For those of you who like tabletop RPGs, come and get some ideas of how to run adventures using the magical school setting and beyond!

Magical Media

In this class, we will be talking about some of our favorite books, films, games and media. Whether you like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Shinnara Chronicles, Artemis Fowl, Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Doctor Who, Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, or Bright, join us for this discussion on great media that one should not miss. Tell us what your favorite fantasy world is and why!

Wizard and Fantasy Wear 101

Here you can learn how to turn your everyday garb into some Wizard and Fantasy style bounding outfits to ensure your Cosplay is truly one of a kind! Bring your own apparel to transform or pay a $5 fee for supplies.

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